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Adjustment Period

Your Grow-A-Frog tadpole will need a little time to adjust to it's new habitat. The 'normal' tadpole swimming position is 'head down - tail up.' It takes up to 24 hours for tadpoles to become adjusted to their new ecosystem and any changes in temperature. Likely your tadpole will be just fine.

Tadpole Health

Your Grow-a-Frog tadpole(s) leave our facility in optimal health. It is normal for them to become lethargic during metamorphosis, as many metabolic changes are taking place. If your tadpole seems a little listless please immediately change 1/4 of the water in the habitat with bottled spring water. Keep your tadpole at room temperature 68 - 72 degrees. If you KNOW that there is a problem, such as if someone has either put soap or sprayed insecticide in the room, then place your tadpole into the spring water bottle.

Emergency Substitution for Spring Water

First of all, do NOT use tap water for tadpoles. It is a much better idea to leave your tadpole in the water that it came with than to use any kind of tap water. If you notice that the bottle says 'purified water', or even distilled water, it is in MOST cases O.K. to use that water until you can get some spring water. Purified water may, and distilled water does lack ions necessary for your tadpoles health and well being... however, a few hours in this water will not be harmful in most cases. Replace the purified or distilled water with spring water at your earliest convenience.

Tadpole Rearing Instructions - Quick Overview

Use only bottled Spring Water to grow tadpoles. NEVER use tap water. Make sure source of the spring appears on the label of the bottled water (labeling tends to be confusing ). Fill the Tad-pool with spring water. Leave an inch or so airspace at the top so your tadpole can breathe. Feed one LEVEL spoon of Stage One Food every day. Change 1/4 of the water once a week with bottled spring water. STOP feeding Stage One Food when the front arms emerge. START feeding STAGE TWO Food when your tadpole has about a 1/2 inch tail and looks very much like a frog.

Use the Spring Water Bottle

The clear gallon, half gallon, or liter plastic bottle your spring water comes in makes an excellent emergency tadpole home.

Just cut the top off with a safety scissors if your Tad-pool (which is the clear, plex-aquarium that comes with the Original Growafrog Kit ) becomes lost, misplaced, broken, contaminated, or just plain unavailable.

Feed your tadpole one level spoon of Stage One Food daily. You may even put the Nutri-rocks and Deco-plant in there. If your Tad-pool has just been misplaced (and it is NOT contaminated by aerosol air fresheners or pesticides ), then just pour the water AND the tadpole back into the Tad-pool.

Express Delivery Option

Please call the Gilly Hotline at 352 544 0333 before 2 P.M. Eastern Time, and we will make every effort to "get it there tomorrow". Please note that due to the very high cost of overnight, we must charge an additional minimum $35.00 (costs could be much higher for larger, heavier orders). Overnight delivery in the Continental U.S. only. We regret that there are no longer Sunday deliveries by any major services. Any "NEXT DAY AIR" packages ordered on Saturday will arrive Monday morning. Also, there is a $15.00 additional surcharge for Friday orders requesting Saturday morning delivery.

Order Tracking

First of all, please look in your mailbox to see if there is a small piece of paper that says "NOTICE OF ATTEMPTED DELIVERY." In many cases, your letter carrier has attempted to deliver the package and it is at your local Post Office.

Food orders, unless received on Sunday, are ALWAYS sent the same day we receive them. Tadpole and frog orders are sent at the beginning of the week. If you cannot locate your order, please either call the Gilly Hotline at 352 544 0333 or E-mail usso we may inform you as to the status of delivery and/or provide tracking information.

Holding Each other

Grow-a-Frogs are very friendly. Although it may look as if one frog (the male) is trying to hurt the other frog, they are actually just holding each other. Sometimes, this behavior can be an indication that the female is ready to lay eggs. Don't worry at all... this looks like it an 'emergency', but it certainly is not.

Hiding Places

Growafrogs are aquatic animals and need to remain moist. If your Growafrog it allowed to leave it's water habitat, it will attempt to seek dampness and water. Time is definitely of the essence. Look for your Growafrog in the bathroom 'behind the commode.' It will also likely end up in a corner of the room, or under a piece of furniture.

In an emergency, humidity is your frog's friend. The amount of moisture in the air plays an vital role in determining how long your frog can remain out of water and not suffer any harm. In very hot, dry weather/arid climates your frog cannot even survive 10 minutes out of water. On the other hand, in damp, muggy, somewhat cool weather, they may survive for days...especially if the find some kind of water. Please keep looking for your frog ! When you find it, put it back in it's aquatic habitat.


Growafrogs should be fed Stage Two Food twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. If they are hungry, they will eat. It's lots of fun to watch your frog enjoy it's food !

If you don't see your frog eat, in 99% of the cases it just means that your frog is not hungry at that moment. Your frog WILL eat when it gets hungry. You may help your frog eat by feeding Stage Two Food directly above your Growafrog's eyes. Growafrogs have very poor peripheral vision, but the have fantastic vertical vision. Your frog can easily see it's serving spoon, Stage Two Food nuggets and you (if you in the field of vision directly above your frog's eyes ) ! Although your frog has poor peripheral vision, it WILL locate food which it cannot see by it's fantastic olfactory and vibration senses !

Emergency Food

We ALWAYS send food the day we receive your order. However, sometimes the morph occurs quickly, and people become surprised by how fast it occurs. In the event that your tad has morphed into a little frog with a long tail, it is very important that it eats. An excellent "emergency food" is raw, uncooked chicken liver. It is very bloody and the frogs are attracted to it. PLEASE feed the ABSOLUTE smallest piece possible ( we are talking pin head size ) to your frog, twice a day, until your Stage Two Food arrives. Caution: if the piece of liver is too big your newly morphed frog will not be able to eat it, or worse, choke on it...please use the absolute smallest piece you can slice.