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Your froget's first meal is very important. Please feed one Stage Two Nuggett when your Growafrog looks like a frog WITH a tail. They eat Stage Two Food when the tail is still there, so please feed before the morph is totally complete. Even if you do not observe your froglet eating, place one nuggett in the habitat in the morning - and one nuggett in the evening. Change 1/4 of the water with bottled spring water..every other day if you can..until the morph is over. Please do not use Water Crystals... yet.

Make sure that your frog is eating and the morph is complete before using Water Crystals. If you have a Stage Two Habitat, it is OK to move your tadpole/froglet in there at any time. You do not have to wait for the morph to complete before moving to Stage Two. Just please remember to use Spring Water.. even in the Stage Two Habitat.. if you have a tadpole and/or froglet that has not quite completed the morph.


If you have received a froglet from us, it is already morphed. It is at least a week or two past metamorphosis, so it may be placed right into a Stage Two Habitat,Tube-Town Habitat, or other habitat using Water Crystals. Growafrogs are pretty wonderful, hearty little guys, so if you follow the simple instructions of keeping them ar room temperature and away from housefold sprays and pesticides, it should be fine.


If you have ordered a TADventure Kit or Life Cycle Kit, you will probably have tadpoles AND froglets in the same habitat as they do not all morph at the same time. This is no problem at all, provided that the froglets are removed and placed into a separate habitat about 1 week after morphing. It is OK to feed tadpole AND Stage Two Food in the same habitat. You will probably need less tadpole food, as the tads remaining are likely to be near the stage when the front arms are out and they stop eating. It is not at all harmful to feed tadpole food in a habitat that has morphing frogs. Of course, your froglets do not eat tadpole food, but it will not hurt them at all.

If you have a TADpole Single or Double TubeTown, your already have Tube Caps which are specially designed to help grow tadpoles and froglets in the same habitat. Just 'scoot' the frog to one side of the habitat and cap the tubes to keep froglets and tadpoles separate. Please do not worry that you need to do this the 'moment' the tadpoles morph into froglets. You will have about a week or so to cap the tubes because the tadpoles are bigger than the newly morphed froglets and the froglets cannot hurt the tads all for the first week or so - they are just too small.


Grow-a-Frogs are very social animals and much enjoy the company of other frogs, and your company, too. We highly recommend that you keep two (or more) Growafrogs together in the same habitat. We even have a frog "buddies" kit that encourages Growafrog enthusiasts to keep two frogs together.

Frogs of 'approximately the same size' have no problems at all being together. Adult Growafrogs NEVER have any problems with other, adult Growafrogs.

However, if there is a BIG disparity in size amongst the frogs, they could turn aggressive towards eachother, especially when they are first introduced.

Pay particular attention to this problem if you have a newly morphed frog that is being introduced into a habtat that has a frog that has been morphed for a few weeks, or if you had a small frog that was 'bite sized' compared to the much larger frog. If you have this situation, please follow introduction directions.


Just like people, Growafrogs froglets form faster, more friendly relationships when they are properly introduced.

Frog friends must be properly introduced before the may share the same habitat. This simple procedure involves keeping frog friends in separate habitats, side by side, so they can see eachother and become familiar with eachother. Be sure to keep BOTH frogs well fed.

After 48 hours, you may place them both in the same habitat and OBSERVE THEIR BEHAVIOR. If the two frogs seem to be getting along, then you have made a successful introduction. If they are behaving in an unfriendly or aggressive manner, it is best to wait until the little guy grows up a bit. Put the little guy in a separate habitat and fatten him up. Remember, Growafrog are never aggressive towards eachother UNLESS one of the frogs is 'bite sized'. Caution: In some instances the aggressive behavior could actually result in the little frog being eaten by the bigger one! It is always best to err on the side of caution and keep the little one separate if it seems 'bite-sized' compared to the other. Growafrog do not have to be the same size to live together, you only have to make sure that one is not 'bite-sized' in comparison with the other. If the two frogs are of similiar size, they will not harm eachother.


Growafrog frogs eat Stage Two Food. This 100% nutritionally complete diet is the same high quality food we feed to our Growafrogs in our facility. They may also eat small pieces of earthworms or beef heart.


Growafrogs begin to eat Stage Two Food when the morph is almost complete and they look 'like a little frog with a 1/4 to 1/2 tail'.

It is very important to feed your frog when the tail is STILL there. Growafrogs begin to eat Stage Two Food when they still have a tail, although the "exact" time varies for individual frogs. They always begin to eat before the tail is gone, even if the 'tail' is just a little 'stub'.


Growafrogs should be fed once in the morning, and once in the evening. It is better to feed a little food, twice a day, than to feed a lot of food all at once. This ensures that you will know your frog is eating and will not waste food.


Your Growafrog should eat "as much food as can been eaten in 15 minutes". Typically, a newly morphed frog will eat one nugget in the morning, and one in the evening. Month old frogs will eat 2-3 nuggets per feeding. As your Growafrogs mature, you'll need to increase their food consumption. It is kind of like feeding any other pet. Simply observe how much they eat, and offer more food if they are still hungry. Older frogs may usually be fed with 1/4, 1/2 , 3/4, or full serving spoons of Stage Two Food as a meal.


Habitat Soil is a wonderful addition to your frog's habitat. In many ways, it is important as food, as it keeps the frog happy by providing a natural 'sandy' bottom - just like that in any pond or lake. It also vastly improves the water quality in your Growafrog's home by providing places for beneficial bacteria to grow.

We suggest that you do not use ordinary aquarium gravel for Growafrogs. Small rocks from aquarium gravel form a choking hazard for Growafrogs - in much the same way as chicken bones are a choking hazard for dogs.


Habitat Covers and lids are recommended for a variety of reasons. Growafrogs are 'semi nocturnal' and prefer the natural comfort of shade to sun. Also, Growafrogs become 'active' and 'jump' during low pressure atmospherc events such as thunderstorms. If you see your frog 'jumping' up and down and seeming like it 'wants' to go on to land, there is no need to check the barometer you have a low pressure atmospheric event on it's way. If water level is your frog's habitat is very close to the surface and you do not have a 'high', tightly fitting cover on the habitat, it could jump out !

When your frog 'jumps' it simply does not at all know that there is no water on the other side of that 'jump'. Over the years we have heard countless stories about frogs which have 'escaped' from their habitats, and for this reason highly recommend that you use a 'high' 'tailored fitting' lid or cover with no 'excape holes' such as Growafrog Shade Domes. Shade Domes are available in pairs and two Shade domes will fit any ordinary 10 gallon aquarium. If you choose to use another cover that's fine.. just make sure that it is 'tight fitting with no holes' as over the course of time your Growafrogs could 'find' these holes and escape. If you choose not to use a lid, keeping the water level about 4-5 inches from the top of your habitat should do it, your Growafrog cannot jump much higher than that !

All of our Growafrog Habitats include covers at no extra charge. Our BIG 'n Hoppy now includes a 'comfort' Shade Dome Cover at no cost at all. If you choose to put your larger Growafrog in an ordinary aquarium, we highly recommend that you either use Shade Domes or keep the water level at least 4 inches from the top. Growafrogs are totally aqautic and do not need or 'want' land at all. Indeed, if they do leave the water and go on to land they cannot survive long at all unless they remain very, very moist.


Growafrog Water Crystals are very powerful water purifiers that allow you to safely use ordinary tap water for your frogs. Please remember to treat tap water with Water Crystals BEFORE you put the water in your frog's habitat.


Your frog's water should be 'refreshed' by doing a 1/4 water change approximately once a week. A small partial water change will vastly improve water quality AND the health of your frog. Good water quality is the "secret" to keeping your frog happy and healthy. If your habitat tends to get dirty, then you'll need to do up to a 90 percent water change once a week. If you happen to have a Stage Two Habitat, this can be done in about one minute. Just pour out all the dirty water (use the snap on EZ clean lid included at no charge in your Stage Two kit) while you keep your frog inside the habitat... then just pour in tap water treated with Water Crystals.

By the way, if you have house plants - you may want to take advantage of the fantastic 'fertilizer' that you may be pouring down the drain. Your frog's old water is an EXCELLENT plant food... and extremely easy to use... just use the frog's old water to water your plants ! If you happen to have an EZ CLEAN Lid, it is even more simple than you can probably imagine - just remove the dome, 'snap on' the EZ CLEAN Lid... pick up the frog and all of the water inside...turn the Stage Two Habitat (with the frog inside) upside down... and go water your plants ! Your frog will appreciate the water change, and your plants will thrive. Also, the EZ CLEAN lid fits very neatly in the bottom frame of your Stage Two or Tube Town Habitat... so it is neat, practical, and ecological, too.

Another 'tip' you may try is to use a disposable plastic or paper cup to 'dip out' some water. We use the large, paper or plastic beverage cups from fast food restaurants and convenience stores (don't worry about the beverage that was in it... the residue from drinks... even diet soda... will not hurt your frog at all). Just dip out some old water, and pour in the new.

We highly recommend 'partial water changes' in all of our habitats. At the very least, keep at least some of the Habitat Soil and a little of the old water when you do a water change. Do not change all of the water and rinse the Habitat Soil completely. Habitat Soil contains 'beneficial bacteria' which is very important for water quality. If you are starting a new habitat try to fill it with spring water for the first time so that beneficial bacteria have a chance to grow. If this is not practical at the very least empty the Habitat Soil from your old tank into the new tank, and at least some of the old water, too.


The choice is up to you, but as a general rule, we advise that 'the bigger the habitat, the more you need a filter'. Our Stage Two Super Offer, which is the same habitat as our Tadventure Kit, is 'desktop sized'. We feel that it is easier to just change the water once or twice a week with our EZ Clean lid (its included in the Stage Two Super Offer) than to use a filter. Stage Two Single and Double Tube Towns are available with and without our optional filter.

If you have a larger habitat, nothing beats our 'pretty little Growafrog filter'. Growafrog filters should be used with Habitat Soil and weekly 1/4 partial water changes to keep excellent water quality for your Growafrogs. Designed to be Growafrog-safe and incredibly easy to use, Growafrog filters may be used in ANY size tank up to 10 gallons as they are totally adjustable. They're pretty ( your color choice of Dew Blue, Gilly Green, Ribbit Red, Leap'in Lemon, Hop'on Orange, SplashBlack, WhiteHouse, or Pop'n Purple ) very inexpensive, very easy to maintain, and they work ! If you are keeping your Growafrogs in an aquarium larger than 10 gallons, we have an aquaculture grade sponge filter which we highly recommend. Email us the size of your tank and we'll make sure that you get the right sized filter for your setup.

Also, and this is very important, we highly recommend weekly 1/4 min water changes weekly. A filter is not at all a substitute for weekly partial water changes.


Growafrogs are not like ordinary frogs. They are aquatic throughout their lives. They always live in the water. They do not need, or "want" to be on land. Furthermore, they will be greatly harmed if they remain dry for even relatively short periods of time. Please keep your Growafrog in water all the times.


The best temperature for your Growafrog is normal, household temperature... 68 to 72 degrees Farenheit.

Growafrogs can stand a much wider variety of temperatures. Please do not become alarmed at all if the temperature goes a little above or below this range.

In general, during the summer keep your frog in an air conditioned room if possible, or in a cool basement. In winter, keep in a heated room. It is very important that you do not keep your frog in direct sunlight... especially in summer. Even if the air temperature in your home is in the 70's, the temperature in your frog's habitat could reach 100 or more (due to the greenhouse effect) if your frog in in the window with direct sunlight. This caution makes a lot of common sense... it is the same reason why you should not keep pets in a car with the windows up - especially during the summer.


The best water temperature for changing the water is your frog's habitat is room temperature 68 - 72 degrees.

We recommend that you allow the water to equilibrate to room temperature by letting it sit for an hour or so before using it.

If this is not practical ( or even if it is ) use water from the COLD faucet, only. Luke warm temperatures ( 85 degrees or above ) can be LETHAL to your frogs ! The water does not even need to be 'warm to the touch' as especially in summer it is difficult to tell water temperature just by putting your hands under the faucet.

We would much prefer to be 'safe than sorry' - so our suggestion is to use water from the COLD faucet only. Let it run for a minute or two (especially in summer ) - then let it 'sit' to adjust to room temperature.


We recommend that you do not keep your Growafrogs with fish, as Growafrogs are lung breathing amphibians. In their natural habitat, they live in small ponds that have still water and very low oxygen levels. In order to respire, Growafrogs come to the surface and take a breathe of air.

Fish, on the other hand, respire with gills. They extract oxygen from water... and do not surface for air. In an aquarium, fish typically need an airstone or other device that produces 'thousands of tiny bubbles' - which increase the oxygen level in water.

These habitats are often not compatible with each other, as the oxygen levels necessary to maintain fish may actually harm your frog. Very high oxygen levels are harmful for your frog... and very low oxygen levels are harmful to fish.

Also, remarkably disease-free Growafrogs tend to get diseases that are not ordinarily acquire when they are kept with fish. It is best to keep Growafrogs in a separate habitat.

An ordinary 10 gallon ( or larger ) aquarium is an excellent home for Growafrogs if you choose to use them for frogs only, and not for fish and frogs. We would suggest that you either use a 'high cover' such as our Shade Domes or keep the water level 4 inches from the top. Also, we highly recommend Habitat Soil as an excellent substrate bottom for your Growafrogs in a 10 gallon tank. Our 6 lb size is plenty enough for a 10 gallon tank. Our little Growafrog filter is specifically made for Growafrogs and will work great in an aquarium. It is a 'sponge type' filter and completely adjustable to the height of your aquarium and water level. You may keep a snail in the habtiat if you wish as they are compatible with your Growafrogs.


This is probably a bad idea. Growafrogs need to remain moist in order to survive. They should not be out of water. You would be harming your frog if it is out of water for more than a very brief period of time. They need to remain in water.


Just as you would pet a dog or cat, it is OK if you interact with your frog every now and then. You may go ahead and touch your frog while it is in its habitat. Please remember to practice good hygiene and wash your hands with soap and water after you touch your frog, in much the same way as you should wash your hands with soap and water after coming in contact with a dog or cat.


In the Growafrog world, girls are about twice as big as boys. The females lay the eggs, and need to be larger so they may carry eggs. It is actually easier to tell the boys from the girls, though. Male Growafrogs have very distinct black markings on the inside of their arms. It kind of looks like someone took a big black marker and made a bold stripe on their forearms. Also, if it makes and sounds at all, its a boy... cause 'only the boys make noise'.


If your frog 'sings', its a boy. The 'singing' is really a 'mating call'. They sometimes sing during the day, but they usually sing in the middle of the night. Also, it seems to be 'frog specific'. Just like people, some sing all the time... while others hardly sing at all.


It is an unusual event for Growafrogs to mate and have eggs that develop into tadpoles, but it can happen. Of course, you'll need a female and a male. Sometimes the females will lay eggs without a male, but, we're sorry, they will never develop.

If you are among the lucky ones who experience a successful mating, the first thing you should do is to remove the adults, or they will ( yikes !) eat the eggs !! Please send us an E-mail and we'll be more than 'hoppy' to congratulate you and help you raise your eggs into tads and frogs. Of course, if you do not want to grow any tadpoles simply do 'nothing'. Your adults will eat every egg and/or newly hatched larvae in a few hours or less.


Growafrogs are Pipidae frogs, which in nature originally come from South America and Africa. However, your Growafrog tadpole has never been to Africa or South America. All of our tadpoles and all of our breeder stock are born and captive-bred in our facilities in Brooksville, Florida. We do not have a single frog which has ever been to Africa or South America. All Growafrogs are 'Floridians' grown in pure crystal clear well water from an underground spring in Brooksville, Florida. Our water source shares the very same aquifer that the 'mermaids' swim in at the world famous Weeki Wachee Springs Mermaid Show !


The single most important factor in your frog's well being is its environment. We cannot overemphasize the basics of keeping the temperature away from extremes (keep below 85, and above 60 degrees F), and keeping all insecticides, household sprays and foreign objects such as pencils and pens OUT of the frog's habitat. We also highly recommend minimum weekly 1/4 partial water changes ( even if you use a filter ), that you use Water Crystals to purify tap water, keep the oxygen level low, keep aquarium gravel (choking hazard) out of the habitat, use a sandy substrate for the bottom such as Growafrog Habitat Soil, feed your Growafrog laboratory grade Stage Two Food, and keep aquarium fish out of your frog's habitat.

Having said all of that, Growafrogs can and do get sick. The most important things you can do if your frog is obviously sick is to do a partial 1/4 - 1/2 water change. Water quality is the number one most important factor in keeping your Growafrog healthy. If your frog does get ill, please send us an E-mail describing the problem, and we'll try to help. We do have a medicated food (it has an antibiotic in it) which can treat a wide variety of infections and diseases. It is available by calling the Gilly Hotline at 352 544 0333.


Most Growafrogs mature to a body size of about half a dollar bill. However, like people, some grow to be much larger than others. Males, in general, are about half the size of females. If you have a 'large female', she can get to be almost twice the average size. Also, unlike people, Growafrogs continue to grow throughout their lifetimes... so the older the frog - the bigger the frog.


Just as there are short and tall people, there are large and small frogs. If you have a very small frog, it may be a male. Yet even among males, there is great variation in size. In general, smaller frogs breed just as well as their larger counterparts, although smaller females do not lay as many eggs. Their longevity and health are the same as larger frogs.


Growafrog females are different in appearance from males. Females are generally larger than males. The sides of their body are also naturally 'puffed out' from ovaries filled with eggs - giving them a more pear shaped look. In the frog world, females are always 'with eggs', or gravid, so it makes sense that they are larger than males. Females have a cloaca, which is a protrusion where the eggs emerge. It is noticable. Males do not have a cloaca. Males have black 'nuptial pads' on the inside of their forearms. Females do not have black 'pads'.

Apartments and Condo's

In most cases, you most certainly can have a Growafrog in your apartment or condo at the completion of a school project. Indeed, they make ideal companions especially if you cannot have a dog or cat. Sometimes, an upper floor 'unit' is not allowed to have even a larger fish tank ( or water bed ! ) due to weight considerations... but a Growafrog is fine. Definitely check with your landlord or lease 'to be sure', but in most places this is not a concern at all.


The average lifespan of a Growafrog is 5 years. That is to say, most Growafrogs live about 5 years. However, they CAN and DO live much longer. We get letters and E-mails from customers with 20+ year old frogs, so at this time we still do not know how long they CAN live, since we have been in business since 1979. If you have a Growafrog that you've had for quite a while, please let us know. We'd love to hear about your frog !!


All Growafrog frogs automatically come with our famous "Lifetime Guarantee". We mean it!! You are entitled to a free frog for any reason if you own a Growafrog and experience a loss - ever. We only ask that you include s&h with your order, which is 3.00. If you unfortunately need to use your Lifetime Guarantee, it is located on the very last line of all our order forms, including the online order form. To read the Lifetime Guarantee, and all our other wonderful guarantees, please click here.


We know you love your Growafrog. Every now and then, however, a situation arises in which a Growafrog care-giver can no longer take care of their frog. If this should ever happen to you, please simply E-mail us so we may send you 'breathable bags' with instructions on how to send your frogs home to us. In no instance should you ever let your frogs 'go' into a pond or lake. Never release any kind of animal into the natural environment near your home ( unless it came from there in the first place ). To request your breathable bags at no charge at all, please simply E-mail us your complete name, address, city, state, and zipcode here.